Our classes exist because we’re committed to unleashing creativity, self-expression, and pure UNBRIDLED joy on the planet!


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JP Teaches Photo offers photography classes in NYC for the 99% of camera owners on the planet who don’t know how to use their cameras.  If you live in or are visiting New York City, we offer in-person photography classes. For everywhere else, we have online instructional videos, which currently cover Nikon DSLRs. (We’ll be adding many more cameras to our line-up soon!)

About Our NYC Photography Classes

Our photography classes in New York City are designed for beginners and hobbyists. In fact, photographers of all levels have enjoyed our Beginner class. Even professional photographers who have taken our Beginner class have learned a new way of thinking about their cameras and, as a result, have been able to take their photography to the next level.
Our curriculum is completely unique. You’ll learn an intuitive way of using your camera that will not require memorization.  In fact, we believe that memorization gets in the way for most people when they’re learning how their cameras work. In our photography classes, you’ll learn by doing rather than by memorizing.
Let’s face it: Cameras are complicated. In that split second of time when you press the shutter button to take a picture, so many things happen all at once: aperture; shutter speed; ISO; white balance; focusing. They’re all inter-related. Learning what each one means, in isolation, is complicated enough. Trying to grasp how they all work together in that fraction of second is, for most people, overwhelming. Our NYC classes break it down so that you’ll learn how your camera works in bite-sized chunks.

Why Choose Our Photography Class in NYC?

Many of you found this website because you spend a lot of time looking down at your cameras wondering what all those buttons and dials do with a confused look on your face. Our Beginner class will clear up that confusion for you. You’ll spend less time staring at your camera and more time being present to the world around you. You’ll be much more able to anticipate those magical moments that happen around you and capture them. If you like taking pictures of people, your mind will be freed up to actually engage with your subject. The art of photography is not in those camera buttons and dials; the art of photography is in the composition, the colors, the facial expression, and the moments in time.
Students of our classes are people who value thorough and accurate explanations of how things work without those explanations being overly and unnecessarily complex. Though you won’t need to memorize anything in our classes, we don’t shy away from teaching difficult photography concepts. We want to make it easy for our students but our students are massively smart and serious about learning. A typical student of ours is just simply frustrated with how little approachable photography education is available and wants answers to the basic questions.
Whether you’re new to photography, new to your camera or someone who is looking to newly explore photography while in NYC, you’ll find our classes will jumpstart your creativity and will leave you inspired and empowered to create magic with your images. There is beauty in the world waiting to be captured. Let’s get to it!