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Hey Photographer! Ketrina here.
I was in Central Park in the late afternoon last week, scoping out photo opportunities between the American Museum of Natural History and the Met Museum, before meeting a friend at the Guggenheim.

The sun would be going down soon — I’d timed my arrival for twilight — and up to that point, I’d taken exactly one photo that wouldn’t end up in the trash before the day was over.

I passed a couple of people in their 20s quietly chatting on a park bench.

I immediately thought:

“I should ask those young people if I could take their photo.

“No, don’t. Too intrusive.”

“Wait, yes. Do it! Be bold but respectful.”

“Grrrr. Should I?”

“Nope, don’t want to.”

Expressly because I was not inclined to, I doubled back.

Me: “Excuse me. I’m so sorry. May I take your photo?”

Them: “Are you a photographer?”

Me: “Ummm…”

Well, am I a photographer?

The short answer is, of course, I am a photographer. I take photos simply for the pleasure I get from taking photos, from capturing moments, from preserving travel memories, from observing the progress I’ve made over time to take better quality photos.

I spend hours upon hours correcting the color and cropping and straightening new photos and hours researching old photos to do the same. I endlessly share my photography for the joy of sharing it.

Why do I hesitate to call myself a photographer? Simply because I don’t get paid currently for my photos? Because I didn’t go to school for photography? Because I still have a long way to go in honing my craft? Because I can take 98 photos in an hour, look at them and throw them all away because there’s nothing about them that I truly, truly like?

So I told myself that this year, I’m going to be more assertive with my photography. Take more ownership of my craft. Be more forgiving about taking a batch of photos of which I turn out to like exactly NONE. Be more willing to engage and interact with human subjects.

So yes. To answer your question, I am a photographer.

“Sorry. Hold for just a few more. Are you guys a couple? No?! Oops! Sorry, sorry! My bad! Come on! You have a great smile! Are you kidding me? Stop! You’re awesome.”

Thank you for letting me take your photo, millennials.

I am a photographer. I am a photographer. I am a photographer. Yep, I am.

Happy Shooting,

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