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Hey Photographer!

It’s Martina here – as promised I’m finishing up our 3-week series on Wedding Photography for you!


If you missed them, check out Part 1 & Part 2.
All photos in this post were taken by our Lead Teacher, Lydia Billings.

Thanks for reading along, and let us know how we can support you as you practice.

Group Photographs

Once everyone is outside, or wherever they’re gathering after the ceremony, you can start taking more posed group photographs. Make a list beforehand with the couple to make sure you include everyone that’s important to them.

Here are a few typical combinations:

Couple with their parents
Couple with siblings
Couple with grandparents
Couple with wedding party
Couple with officiant
Bride with her parents
Groom with his parents

Make sure everyone gets a shot with the newlyweds! You don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Photographing the Couple

I recommend scheduling some time during the wedding day to sneak away with the couple and take some beautiful portraits of just the two of them.

Take shots of them with their rings on.

A few photos in their getaway car (if they have one).

Take photos in different locations on the property and utilize interesting backgrounds.

This time should be focused on the two newlyweds enjoying each other – let them be cuddly and connected. You might yourself being mostly quiet during this section and just observing them.

Photographing the Reception

Take pictures of the venue before everyone arrives. Give a sense of the space and the decorations.

The couple’s first dance.

The guest who give speeches and toasts.  

Take shots of the bridal party and the guests at the tables – laughing and clapping (not while eating!)

The shots of the guest dancing, having fun, laughing.

Shots of the cake and food.

Take shots of the couple leaving the venue – their big send off!

After the wedding

The last and most important thing to do for the day is to upload the pictures on two hard drives or devices. Technology fails on us at the worst possible times and you really don’t want to have a conversation with a bride that somehow you’ve lost all photographs from her wedding! Back up your files and don’t format your memory cards until you’re 100% sure you’ve got everything saved in 2 places.

Happy Shooting!

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