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Rescheduling Guidelines:

Twenty-four hours prior to the class start time is required for cancellation and/or rescheduling.

Weather Guidelines for Outdoor Classes:

Short of hurricane conditions, I will be at the meeting location, ready to teach the class.

In case of inclement weather, students will be eligible to reschedule if:

1. they show up to the class as scheduled.
2. the class is either canceled at the last minute or if it is compromised (eg. if there’s more than a half hour of rain during the class)

For classes where the weather is cold and/or rainy, you will enhance your enjoyment of the class by dressing warmly and by bringing protection for your equipment. If you don’t have a wet-proof camera bag, a trash bag will do in a pinch.

For weather below 60 degrees: My experience is that students often underestimate how much they need to wear to stay comfortable. Though we’re moving around for a good part of the class, there are whole portions of the class where you’ll be sitting and listening to me teach. I recommend dressing for 10 degrees below what the weather report says. If the report predicts 45 degrees, dress for 35 degrees.