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Hey Photographer! Cathy here (brand new intern) with my first blog post for JP Teaches Photo!
I’m a former student of the company, just like you! Wanted to take a few minutes to share about one of my favorite places to photograph here in NYC. – Enjoy!

DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is one of the prime neighborhoods in NYC to walk around with your camera. The sites, the sounds, and life around you, can inspire some stunning photos.

Start your walk by the water, with the Brooklyn Bridge to your right. Across the river, take in a marvelous view of the Freedom Tower and downtown Manhattan. Walk along the water’s edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park and take some cool shots of Tom Fuin’s famous plexiglass house, Kolonihavehus. The key is to walk all the way around the multi-colored house and peek through the windows. Shoot unique perspectives of the skyline. Feel your way through a creative picture.

Keep strolling alongside the edge of the park, observing, and just up the hill you will find Jane’s Carousel. Walk around the entire carousel with your eyes wide open for some unique perspectives. Be adventurous with the shadows and reflections you see. If you are strolling with someone, have them try different poses for you. Also observe the people enjoying the scenery and the park. Sometimes a great shot lies in those split moments as life happens around you.

As you walk towards the Manhattan Bridge, you’ll find a small beach where New Yorkers like to spend the day just relaxing. In a bustling city like New York, all the downtime you can get is key! The bridge is often photographed, but if you walk under it you will find a different perspective to capture.

Don’t forget to explore the side streets in the neighborhood. They offer a different feel of the city with its historic brick streets. Try bringing your camera down to floor level to focus your photo on the texture of the bricks. You can spot the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges at the end of many of the side streets.

Whenever shooting, and in any neighborhood of NYC, the key is to pay attention to the charm around you. With the abundance of activity happening all around DUMBO, finding scenes to capture there just makes it easier.

Happy Shooting!

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