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“When I photograph, what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.” – Wynn Bullock

Hey Everyone! Cathy here.

We all now know that stress is the number one cause of illness and unhappiness in the United States. If we want to be healthy, happy, and live a generally well-balanced life, we must do everything we can to avoid stress. Yeah, easier said than done, Cathy. So what do we do then? When the craziness of work (and life) catches up with you, take some time to de-stress and unwind. Sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes a day.

The key to de-stress and unwind is to always make time to do things that you love. If photography is what you love, then do more of that!

Spending time with Nature is a sure way to re-focus, breathe easier, and loosen those tight muscles in your shoulders. So where do I find this so-called Nature in a big city like New York? Many people feel as if we have very limited natural space in NYC. The obvious place to go to with your camera would be to Central Park… but, if you walk and look around, you will be fascinated by the things you find in the sky, the clouds, the trees, and even on the ground.

As humans, our connection to Nature is a very special one. We seek it, we love it, and we crave it. Think about how you feel while watching a sunset, spotting a fully bloomed flower, or simply taking a walk. When you take your camera with you, it forces you to focus in a more intentional way. As you look for the right photo to capture you are present, you are observing everything around you, and your mind is in the moment (and not on that big project or how un-sensible your mother-in-law is, ugh).

When you see something beautiful, something that makes you feel things, go ahead and click the shutter. After taking a few photos, remember to check out what you captured. There is nothing more rewarding to a photographer than looking at an image that moves you and know that it’s one of your photos. That is how I choose to unwind and I hope I have inspired you to do the same.

Happy unwinding! Happy shooting!

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