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Hey Photographer!
It’s Tyler comin’ atcha this week with your weekly photography tip:
Exposure Compensation is just a fancy term to describe a simple setting, but can have a huge impact on your photos when used the correct way. When you adjust your Exposure Compensation, you are telling your camera to let in a specific amount of light, to either brighten or darken your photo. As you increase or decrease the brightness level, other details in your photo will start to change! To adjust this setting, look for a button with a plus and minus symbol like the icon below and when you push it, you should see a section on the menu highlight and you can change the level. On most cameras, you’ll have to push the button and spin a dial at the same time to select the level you want.
As you start to adjust the brightness level, you will notice that your photos come out brighter or darker depending on which way you go. The saturation and vibrancy of colors will be affected too, and the detail, clarity or the sharpness of objects in your image. 
I took these photo of a house and used the Exposure Compensation setting: 
For this first shot, the setting was at -1.3
EC -1.3
For this one the setting was set to +1.3
ec +1.3
And this one was set to zero.
EC 0
Remember there is no “right” setting for any scene so try out a few options to see how you like it!
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