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Every season has its perks when it comes to photography. Spring has blooming flowers; summer has bright sunny days full of picnics and swimming; and winter has falling snow. But if you ask me, I’m convinced autumn is the most photogenic season.Between the lush colors and the gathering of families to celebrate holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there’s really nothing about this time of the year that doesn’t elicit fantastic photos.

So pick a cool autumn day, grab your camera and a few friends, and have yourself a mini photoshoot.

Don’t forget to look up

Fall TreeSure, there are plenty of amazing things to take pictures of on eye level – kids playing in piles of leaves, a mountainside speckled with multi-colored trees, a pumpkin patch – but sometimes it pays to look up. Try standing under your favorite tree and shooting its underside. All of the colors mixed together makes for a beautiful picture, and it’s something different to look at as opposed to a straight on shot of a tree. Bonus points if you can get the sun peeking through some of the leaves.

Candid photos are sometimes the best photos
There’s a time and a place for posed photos, for sure, but capturing a candid photo of someone can bring out something a posed photo can’t: a forced smile can turn into a genuine smile, an erupting laugh is caught on camera, and a person’s personality shines out through the picture. Instead of asking your subject to sit in or next to a pile of leaves, ask them to play in them, and shoot away.

When taking pictures of people, be conscious of what they’re wearing
Portraits during autumn can be incredibly beautiful, but if the people you’re taking photos of are wearing warm hues like red, yellow, brown, or orange, they may not stand out quite like you want them to. Don’t let your subjects fade into the background, and suggest they wear cooler tones like blue. This way, they’ll contrast nicely with the scenery. And if they absolutely must wear some autumn colors, leave it for accessories like jewelry, scarves, and shoes.

Play with aperture

fallleaves1Aperture is a great tool to use no matter the season, but there’s just something special about using it to zero in on a beautifully colored leaf and blurring out everything behind it, especially if there are other leaves behind it and you want that specific one to stand out.

Feeling extra creative? If you live in New York City, pay Central Park a visit, and try getting a photo of some colorful leaves with the city blurred out in the background. If you’re unsure of how to play around with aperture, taking a one-time beginner’s class can help you become more familiar with your camera and all the frankly awesome things it can do.

Autumn isn’t just about cooler weather and multi-colored leaves
It’s true that with autumn comes pretty colors, but this season also means something else: Halloween. And when’s a better time to get unique photos than during Halloween? The creative costumes, the elaborate decorations – it’s all begging to have its picture taken. Take advantage of this holiday by scoping out events that might make for some great photos. For New Yorkers, happenings like the Village Halloween Parade or the Pumpkin Flotilla in Central Park are prime picture-taking events; it’s also a good time to practice your long exposure skills.

If you want to learn even more about how to take the best fall photos, consider taking a private photography class to learn everything from lighting tips to advanced editing techniques.

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