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Hey Photographer! It’s Cathy.
It’s great to be back at the office after a month of traveling for vacation.

On June 21st we launched our first photo contest! We encouraged all of you to submit a photo representing what summer means to you for a chance to win a private photography lesson from one of our amazing photographers. We also promised you a feature in an upcoming blog post. Well, here at JP Teaches Photo, we always keep our promises.

Back on July 7th we announced the winner of our Summer Photo Contest. Anna McClellan won us over with this beautiful shot that she captured in Maine and shared with us on Instagram.


I spent a week with my family on Mt. Desert Island in Maine and the boats captured my attention throughout our time there.  I loved the look of this paint chipped boat basking in the golden hour glow.  It’s such a peaceful and calming image to me.  One of the best parts of summer to me is taking a moment to step away and relax and I feel like this image embodies that feeling!  (Anna McClellan – https://www.instagram.com/anna_mcclellan_/)

We loved your photos so much that just choosing one winner was not enough! So here is a feature of our five favorite finalists. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Summer Photo Contest! Stay tuned for information about our next contest this fall and you too could win a private photo lesson. Happy Shooting!

Priya Sharma – https://www.instagram.com/plannedbypriya/

I took this photo in the city of Amalfi while on my honeymoon, snapped quickly while running to get a bus back to Rome. The cotton candy skies set against the vast Mediterranean Sea was the perfect photo opportunity. Every summer has a story and this summer was spent sharing sunsets across Europe with my new husband. Tans fade but pictures like this one help etch the memories forever.

Francisco Perez – https://www.instagram.com/team_cisco/

Summer is a great time to travel with family and friends. Enjoying good food and drinks with them, while making new friends.



Doug Macintosh – https://www.instagram.com/dougcolorist/

I was inspired to shoot this guy because even though he was speeding by, he was totally engrossed in his own world. It’s just a very summer in NYC kind of picture, outdoors in the park enjoying yourself.


Anish Pyne – https://www.instagram.com/apkol79/

Dancers turn music into motion, photography turns motion in memories.

The people all around enjoying the beautiful summer day at central park, the bright red color of the ballerina and her elegant moves gave the perfect opportunity to try my hands on two things learned during the photo walk; shutter speed and exposure to capture the summer spirit.

Alicia Andrews – https://www.instagram.com/aliciamarietravels/

This summer I got a spend a few weeks on Sanibel Island, Florida. I was there by myself expecting sunshine filled days by the beach and pool. Let’s say that was not what I got. I still enjoyed myself watching the storms roll in day and night. Yoga and on porch during the day listening to the rain hit and a glass of wine at night. Still something about water, beach, lake, river, snow or rain that makes me feel rejuvenated.


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