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Hey Photographer!

The weather is gorgeous and it’s time to GET OUT THERE and take pictures!
No excuses.

Here are some fun and challenging photo drills to keep you on your toes, refining your skills and discovering your own creativity on the daily.

  1. Take one photo a day. Just one! Chances are, once you’ve picked up that bad boy, you’ll have a hard time putting it down and you’ll shoot many more than one frame. Plus, creating a repetitive practice for your photography will make it second-nature for you.
  2. Pick one setting at a time and master it! For as long as it takes you to get really creative with it, just try focusing on one setting at a time. Adjust Exposure Compensation for a few weeks, then switch to Aperture, next try Shutter Speed. Isolating each function will get you connected to the specific results you get by manipulating each one.
  3. Shoot only in black and white. Many digital cameras have the ability to switch from color to monochrome (look in your manual for instructions). Seeing the world in black and white will completely alter the way you look at your surroundings!
  4. Photograph during golden hour – that time right as the sun is rising and right before it complete sets. The whole environment will look different to you, since the sun is so golden and warm at these times of day. The mood of your pictures will totally shift.
  5. Take the same picture at different times of day. Photograph the same subject in the same place multiple times and notice how the light at different times of day really impact each image.

These are just a few ideas to get you started – send us your favorite drills so we can practice along with you!

Happy Shooting,

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