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Hey, photographers! This week, we are thrilled to feature another one of our awesome students, Priya Sharma, who had a blast taking over our Instagram account last month. Below, she shares her own photography journey, focusing on her evolving relationship to light. We are very proud of her and hope her experiences inspire YOU:

I recently took over the JPTP Instagram and had a great time sharing some photography lessons, showcasing my photographs, and interacting with fellow hobbyists. Classes with JP Teaches Photo has taught me to observe light in the world around me in a whole new way. It has literally changed the way I see the world. After just taking Part I of JP’s class, I became mesmerized by the science behind recording light and was determined to learn all my camera was capable of doing.  JP’s classes have taught me how to utilize light and composition to capture a still memory exactly as I see it in reality. While previously my imagery was dull and uninspiring, JP has since taught me how to capture the spirit of people, places, and things in vibrant images.

Some lessons I went over during the takeover that I learned through Part I, Part II, Lighting Walk, and Nighttime Class:

  1. Shutter speed and long exposure
  2. Rule of thirds
  3. Angles and perspective
  4. Aperture

Below are five of my favorite pictures which I shared during the takeover process!


Thanks, Priya! ALSO– many of you have been asking about a submission deadline for our PhotoSplosion contest. Please submit by Wednesday, April 4th!


Happy Shooting!

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