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Hey, photographers! This week, we are thrilled to feature one of our awesome students, Prashanth Medleri, who is absolutely crushing the photography game.  We asked him to share his journey, including what he loves about photography and what he’s doing to take his photos to the next level. We are very proud of him and hope his own experiences inspire YOU!


Photos have always fascinated me since my childhood. I always admired a picture and wondered “how on earth did they take such beautiful photo?” This curiosity got stronger as I grew older and I couldn’t wait to take a picture myself. When I eventually got my camera, I was very excited and took many pictures and found “Auto” mode gave me the best “result.”

However, it did not take too long for me to realize that “Auto” mode had its limitations and I wanted to learn more about other modes. That is when I found out about JP Teaches Photo. The beginner photography class “How Do I Use My Camera? – Part I” was great. This course not only helped me understand the basic concepts of Aperture and Shutter Speed, it also gave me the confidence to take pictures in other modes, especially Manual Mode.  

The “How Do I Use My Camera? –Part II and Lighting Walk courses instilled more faith in me. I thank Lydia Billings for being an excellent teacher and explaining the terms in the simplest way possible. Those classes were a morale booster. I also thank Brian von Glahn for introducing me to the mesmerizing world of long exposure.

I usually take many pictures whenever I find an opportunity and ensure that I follow all that I learned in the classes. By doing so, I have seen my pictures improve gradually. I follow few photography groups on Facebook and read a lot of blogs/articles on photography. These groups/blogs are very inspiring and share a lot about lighting, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Ever since I started photography, it has changed the way I look at the world. Everything looks beautiful and every moment is an opportunity to take photos. My journey has just begun.

Happy shooting!




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