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Hey Photographer! Martina here,

Taking photos is one of the most exciting and inspiring things for us! We know you love taking pictures too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! Photography can encourage you to travel the world so you can photograph the most amazing places on Earth, to conquer high peaks so you can take the most beautiful landscape photos, to go deep underwater and reveal the secrets of the ocean, to talk to strangers so you can take amazing street photography shots, and to get close to wildlife and to see the little things that no one ever does.

Sometimes, our inspiration gets drained. As artists and creative people, it can be difficult to be “on” all the time.
If you find yourself in a creative rut, here are a few tips on how to stay inspired and motivated with your photography.

Carry your camera

How many times have you witnessed a breathtaking moment and wished you had your camera with you? Stop wishing and start carrying! Bring your camera everywhere you go. There is always something to photograph, so be ready for anything.

Find beauty in the commonplace

We are all guilty of waiting for the perfect time and place to take the right photo. When you’re on vacation you constantly look for interesting subjects to shoot. You look at people, you look at the buildings around you. In our everyday life, we forget to do that. We’re too busy, too tired, we’ve got too much to do. 

Slow down a little bit – pause and take the time to actually see what’s going on around you.

Get critiqued

Receiving feedback from other photographers is a great way to look at your work from a different angle and to challenge yourself to improve. Join our Student Facebook Group! We created this group specifically so you can share your progress and get tips and advice from fellow students.

Join a Photography community

Joining a photography community is a great way to meet other photographers, get inspired by their work and get feedback on yours. Take more group photography classes and get out there and shoot with a buddy. The way others see the world is different than what you see, so learn from them!

Get a new piece of equipment

If you like to shoot with telephoto lens only, challenge yourself. Get a prime lens and learn how to really use it.

Experiment with using a tripod.

Try using the self-timer on your camera to create shots with YOU in them!

Give yourself assignments

Start a 365 project where you shoot at least one photo a day.

Give yourself weekly assignments and stick to the topic. One week shoot only buildings, the next week shoot clouds, try a week shooting birds, etc. Pick topics that are unfamiliar that will inspire you to learn something new and get out of your comfort zone.

Make prints of your photographs

There is something really rewarding about seeing your work printed and hung on the wall. Also, it’s a great gift idea!

When printing your images there is a lot to think about like the colors, the paper, frame etc. This will be a fun, creative challenge for you.

I hope these ideas are sparking some new inspiration for you! Let us know what YOU do to keep yourself inspired.

Happy Shooting!

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