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Hey photographers! Spring is here (although the weather hasn’t been too indicative of that!) and as temperatures start to rise, it’s a great opportunity to get back outside and practice shooting. If winter gave you a little creative brain freeze, here are several ways you can get inspired to pick up your camera and make some beautiful photographs:
  1. Explore your neighborhood and shoot– When was the last time you walked around your neighborhood and paid particularly close attention to your surroundings? Take just half an hour traveling up and down the streets, looking for lines, colors, shapes, patterns, etc. Perhaps there are elements you’ve never noticed before. Try circling just your immediate block three times, taking new shots each time you come around.
  2. Bring your camera to a family function– Spring is a great time for gatherings such as brunches and barbecues, bridal showers, baby showers, outdoor sporting activities, and so on. Practice taking stellar portraits and group shots, tackle indoor lighting and play with your white balance, or explore shutter speed, especially if kids are running around.
  3. Shoot at sunset– With more daylight hours, you can play with the colors of a sunset at a later hour. Having to quickly adjust settings such as ISO and exposure compensation can be a fun challenge as you rapidly lose sunlight.
  4. Capture flowers– Check out the beauty of the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens as the flowers bloom (but you don’t have to limit yourself to these two places!). Use your camera’s aperture mode to bring the details of the flower into focus while simultaneously blurring anything that’s in the background.
  5. Shoot after dark– In the wintertime, few people want to be outside in freezing temperatures, especially after the sun goes down, but spring is a different story! Take advantage of the mild, comfortable nights and whip out your tripod for some long exposure fun. Notice streetlights, soft window light, headlights, etc. How can you incorporate these light sources into your photos?
Also– don’t forget about our Photo Walk this Saturday from 2pm-3:30pm. We’ll be exploring DUMBO! Click here to sign up.
Happy shooting!
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