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Out of 343 people that were surveyed, 99.4% of respondents said they would recommend our classes to a friend!

Happy customers have the following to say about our classes.

“I took your class right before I took a trip to Italy with friends. Everyone on the trip had cameras but I was the only person who took your class and, at the end of the trip, we all compared our images and mine were, by far, the best. My friends were so impressed with my pictures and now they all want to take your class!”

“My wife has been so frustrated with me because I haven’t been able to get good pictures of our newborn and now she couldn’t be more thrilled. The pictures I was taking before your class don’t even hold a candle to the pictures I’m taking now. I won’t go so far as to say you saved my marriage but I definitely owe you a big thank you!”

“I have impressed friends and family with my new skills that I learned from your class. Thanks for being an inspiration!!”

“I haven’t been using my camera much lately and I’ve been slipping. Your class lit that fire in me again and it’s wonderful. I’m inspired again!”

“I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and creative control over my digital SLR in the two hour class. JP’s instruction illuminated a lot of concepts that I couldn’t quite grasp from the manual.”

“I found the photography class excellent! I enjoyed it very much while learning more in 2 hours than in the past 8 months of having my camera and trying to learn by myself.”

“Thanks so much for an informative and inspiring class!! It was well organized and well planned. You were terrific as a teacher. You gave technical information, but in layman’s terms. The class exceeded my expectations. I had a great time. I would gladly recommend you to a friend. I really felt like it was a great class and it made me want more. That is what good teaching is all about.”

“Your class exceeded my expectations!”

“Thank you for showing and explaining it to me in a way that my brain finally was able to understand!! You are a great instructor and I loved your class!!”

“Your class presented the information in a very accessible way.”

“Your class surpassed my expectations – I learned more than I thought I would!”

“This class was just perfect for me, and I’ve taken loads of courses at the International Center of Photography. For some reason, it sunk in with this class much better. You made it easy to understand.”

“I would recommend your class, definitely. I was a teacher for 41 years. You did very well!”

“I would definitely recommend the class and had fun. I liked it a lot more than the multi-week Intro to Photography class at the Junior Community College!”

“The way you repeated things was very effective. I never felt overwhelmed or discouraged at any point and actually went into this expecting that. I thought you did an excellent job explaining how aperture and shutter speed worked along with everything else. I wouldn’t change a thing! The class exceeded my expectations.”

“I really think you do a great job of simplifying very complex concepts and I loved your class.”

“I have had friends sit through an entire day of the Nikon course, and not really learn much new – I would definitely recommend this class to them.”

“Thanks so much JP for sharing your expertise with us. We thoroughly enjoyed the class and found all your tips to be very valuable. In particular, we were very impressed by how easy it was to follow your instructions. We can’t wait to start putting these techniques to work. In fact, I have already started to review my manual and you were right, I found it much easier to follow after our lesson.”

“Keep up the great work, it really shows that you love what you do! Loved the class!”

“The information covered was mostly stuff I read online but I did not really get it all until you put it into practice and showed it to me in your class. Being an NYC public school teacher I understand the importance of how to make information to others easy to understand. You did a great job keeping it simple.”

“The class was so inspiring and you were so easy to understand.”

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class!! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to attend the next one. You were so helpful and great explaining everything.”

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the video course. I liked the no-frills, straightforward approach. I learned more from your video class in 1 day than I did over several weeks of trying to learn from manuals or books.”

“Thank you for this afternoon’s class. It helped clarify things about my camera that a million readings of the instruction manual could not.”