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Hey Photographer!

Summer is almost over and with it, the hot and humid days will hopefully be coming to and end. We all are ready and excited for the chilly mornings and the sunny cool afternoons of the Fall.

Of course, besides the great weather, the Autumn season brings us amazing colors and great opportunities for photography.

Here are few ideas on what to shoot this coming Autumn:


The colors of Fall

Obviously, if you like to see the beautiful colors of fall you will have to get away from the city. Go Upstate NY for a hike or even camp out for a night. As you are hiking through the woods you will find exactly what you are looking for (the incredible colors of Autumn).


If you are lucky enough and you hike quiet enough you might even encounter wildlife such as deer, bears and who knows what. Keep your distance and be respectful. Wildlife is usually very skittish unless they feel treated. Don’t forget to bring your telephoto lens.

Apple or Pumpkin picking

There are plenty of farms that offer apple or pumpkin picking during the fall season. It is a great opportunity to capture colorful shots. Include people or farm animals in your shots.

Lakes and rivers

Take photos of lakes or rivers early morning that is covered in fog. That will create moody shots.

Late afternoon you can take shots of a lake where you can see the reflection of the autumn colors.

Photograph the leaves

Take photos of the fallen leaves or leaves on the trees. Show the change of season through  the different colors (from green to orange, red and brown).


If you don’t have the time for a hike or to go anywhere get on the streets and take pictures of people wearing warm clothes (coats, hats, sweaters, scarfs) and use a storefront decorated in fall colors as a background.

Rainy days

Go out and shoot in the rain. Take pictures of people holding umbrellas, leaves on the ground, puddles of water on the streets etc. Don’t forget to protect your camera equipment!

Happy Shooting!

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