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Whether you take pictures for fun or for work, private photography lessons are the best way to learn in NYC!
Topics can include (but are not limited to):
* photography basics like shutter speed and aperture
* advanced camera features like white balance and metering settings
* composition and lighting tips to make your images look their best
* image and/or portfolio review to assess where your photography is at and how to make it better
* software training on iPhoto, Elements and Photoshop, among others
* basic image editing like cropping and resizing images
* advanced image editing like working with RAW files and skin retouching

“I took a class from Lydia yesterday who works with JP.  She is fantastic. I am a novice and had no clue how to use my Leica camera.  In just one hour she got me to fall in love with my camera and photography. I can’t wait to go out with her again and play with my camera.  Thanks Lydia for being such a fantastic teacher!!” – Jill

“I’m a self-taught photographer who was looking to fill in some gaps in my knowledge, so decided to take a private lesson with Lydia.  She really gave me the validation I needed to feel more confident in my work.  She was very easy to talk to, and really helpful in quelling my insecurities about whether choices I made with images were “right” and “okay.”  She reminded me that a lot of it is subjective, and as long as the client is happy that it’s all good.  She was also helpful when it came to reviewing the balance and type of images I have in my various website portfolios.
Because I chose to use the lesson as a means to review work and not create new images, I can’t necessarily say I walked away with any new tricks of the trade or techniques.  But that was entirely my doing, not Lydia’s!  We talked about having our next lesson at a computer, with photoshop, and I think that will help me develop some new skills.
I would highly recommend a lesson with Lydia!” – Jamie

“I am a plastic surgeon opening a new office in the West Village.  I wanted to learn how to take high quality before and after photos… but I didn’t want to spend weeks on a course covering every aspect of photography.  Thank goodness for Lydia, who took me step by step through understanding what I needed to know (and nothing I didn’t) about my fancy camera.  She also helped me choose the best software for color correction and archiving.  That alone would have been a multi-hour long research project had I undertaken that on my own.  The private lesson was worth every penny.  Lydia’s teaching was effective, concise, and practical.  She exceeded all expectations.” – Sonita

“I met with Lydia at Union Square with my new camera and could not have been happier with her enthusiasm, patience and smarts.  I have always been good at composition, but relied more on luck than camera smarts.  My goal was to be able to understand and exploit my camera’s capabilities as fully as possible, and she very deftly introduced me to the basics of all I needed to know to get started.  I came with a list of questions (which I recommend) that she wove into her very polished session.  It was a lovely combination of general information and personalized attention.  I will be back again.  This is the perfect solution for people bemoaning the fact that they are not appreciating their camera’s capabilities.  I can’t wait to get started now.” – Kirk

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