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long exposure photography class nyc

JP created the above image at midnight in Central Park in NYC. It was so dark, in fact, that he had to take the image eight times because he couldn’t make out where the top of the wings was in relation to the top of his frame. By simply adjusting the shutter speed on your camera to speeds of longer than one second, you’ll start to delve into the world of long exposures photography. In this NYC photography class, your teacher will take you into Central Park just as the sun is setting. Because your camera will pick up light that isn’t even detectable to the human eye, you’re sure to be surprised and delighted with the resulting images. Each student is encouraged to bring flashlights with them since the last half hour of the class will be dedicated to light painting where we, as a group, will experiment with using each image as a canvas that we can “paint” on with our individual light sources.

The long exposure photography class is best enjoyed with point-and-shoots and SLRs that allow you to manually set your aperture and shutter speed. If you’re not sure if your camera has this functionality, email us with your camera brand and model number and we’ll let you know.

Also, having a tripod is required.

(If you’re not interested in buying an expensive tripod, Staples and Best Buy both sell tripods for $25.)

You WILL NOT need a flash for this class.

See below for some images that were created by two students of ours during this class.

Meeting LocationCentral Park, W. 72nd St. This class meets RAIN OR SHINE. Please dress for the weather. 

Available Dates:
Saturday 3/7/20 6:30pm-8:30pm – To register, please text us at 212-634-7152.

To see cancellation/rescheduling and weather policies, click here.

For information on private classes, click here.

Ace Atienza sent me the three images below which he created in the long exposure photography class. He also sent this note: “Before taking the class, I didn’t know anything about long exposures photography. After JP provided the class with some basic instructions on how to properly set up my camera, I was blown away by the initial images I was able to take in the darkness in Central Park. What I liked most was that JP then went around to check our photos and provided each person with his feedback on how to play with the settings to create even more impressive shots. By the time the class ended, I was able to apply what I learned to get some really good shots around the park! Thanks JP!”

night photography

JP Teaches Photo

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