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Lighting Walk

This course will develop your understanding and sensitivity to existing light, give natural light photography tips and will teach you how to complement your images by introducing artificial light (using your flash). The photography course begins with the most basic tools that every photographer uses; your eye and your ability to distinguish the hardness, intensity and color of light (indoor, outdoor, sunny, cloudy, window light, etc.). Then, beginning with the most basic techniques, you will become familiar with when and how to introduce flash to expand the range of your imagery. Upon completion of this course you will have a new-found understanding of light and be comfortable with lighting for any kind of photography that interests you.

Meeting Place: The NE corner of W. 72nd St. and Central Park West.

Saturday 3/7/20 2:00pm-4:00pm – To register, please text us at 212-634-7152.

Email info@jpteachesphoto.com to be notified when new dates are scheduled.                                                 

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Paul Porter was the original creator of class. The three images below are his and they are examples of how, once you become aware of the light around you in a sophisticated way, you’ll be able to harness that light to create wonderfully dynamic images. In Paul’s images below, we can see how he used a sliver of sunlight to highlight the contours of a surfer’s body; how he used the light from a window to create a striking interior shot and how he used a combination of flash and ambient light to capture a whimsical portrait of a sailor.

This class is now taught by Lydia Billings.

You WILL need a flash for this class. If your camera came with a built-in flash, that is sufficient. You are also welcome to bring an external flash if you have one.

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