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Because we’ve had a decline in interest in our group classes, we are transitioning our business to only offering private classes. For that reason, we have indefinitely discontinued this class. (If you have already paid for this class, please text us at 212-634-7152 so we can go over your refund options with you.)

For information on private classes, click here.

You will spend three hours learning an extraordinarily intuitive way of using your camera. No memorization or note taking is allowed. Rather than learning through cramming a lot of information into your head and trying to regurgitate it later, you will learn through doing the exercises and through JP’s approachable and engaging teaching style.

Most beginner photographers in NYC spend a lot of time staring at their cameras wondering “How do I use my camera?” JP will demystify your camera for you so that you’re no longer staring down at your camera but, instead, you’ll be able to focus much more on the world around you so that you can really capture those magical once-in-a-lifetime moments.

JP and Lydia will cover not just digital photography basics. They will cover topics like exposure (which will explain why none of your sunset pictures ever come out the way you want them to), aperture (so you can get a blurry background whenever you want it) and shutter speed (so that you can create some amazing motion blur shots that will look spectacular).

This beginner photography class in NYC requires that you have a digital camera that allows you to manually set the aperture and shutter speed. You can see the list of cameras that fit this criteria here.

If you have questions about whether or not your camera allows this, please email us at info@jpteachesphoto.com or call us at (212) 634-7152.

For information on private classes, click here.

Kathleen Honnick sent us the three images below which she created in this class. She also sent this note: “I have a passion for travel. There have been some beautiful places and special moments where I have missed “opportunity shots” because I didn’t know how to set my camera properly. It was such a disappointment time and time again to not be able to truly capture the moment or the scene. After taking the beginner photography class in NYC, I now know enough to not have that happen again. I can’t wait to take the second level class to build on my new skills!!”
beginner photography classes nycSarah McLoughlin sent us the two images below which she created on this photography class. She also sent this note: “JP’s Introduction to Photography class was wonderful fun. Arriving with my pocket size Canon point ‘n shoot camera, I was initially mortified when faced with the monstrous SLR cameras being hauled about by most of the other participants. Happily, I soon learned that they were as much in the dark as I was about what goes on inside the device. JP explained the basic technology that all cameras use in taking a photo and how we can use this technology to create the shot we desire. It was very informative and satisfying. JP modified each aspect taking into account those with the SLR beasts, and those of us with our point and shoot cameras. I was very pleased with the quality I was able to produce and felt I was starting out at the right level. In fact, one participant said to me that he whilst he loves his SLR that he does not carry it everywhere and would love to redo the class with his pocket camera. JP explained and re-explained all aspects covered to ensure we understood, or attempted to understand what was going on. It was extremely worthwhile, in a lovely setting, with a talented teacher.”
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