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If you live in New York City or will be visiting the big city, our in-person photography classes in New York will take your photography, creativity, and self-expression to the next level. Whether you are looking for photography for beginners or have had some experience with a camera, you’ll walk away feeling comfortable with all of your camera’s settings and will be able to confidently use your camera in an intuitive way.

We offer four in-person group photography classes, all taught by expert photographers. Learn more about our New York based photography teachers here. To read more about our teaching method and approach, scroll to the bottom of this page.

We combine technical skill with creative expression to empower students of all levels. If you are looking for beginning photography classes in New York City or if you have been working with your camera for years, our classes will empower you to take the photos that you want to take.

How Do I Use My Camera? – Part I ($127): This beginning photography class, taught by Lydia Billings, will provide you with a completely intuitive approach to using your camera. You’ll be able to create stunning images in any kind of lighting conditions with whatever camera you have.

This beginner photography class covers three critical camera functions that all photographers need to understand: Exposure Compensation, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. You’ll discover not only how these functions operate and how to adjust them on your camera, but you’ll also learn how they impact your images visually, leaving you empowered to have your photos look the way you actually want them to look.

Ever see images with a really beautiful, soft, blurry background? Or shots where objects in the frame are moving, but you see them frozen perfectly mid-air? You’ll walk away from this NYC photography class being able to create both effects! You’ll also begin to explore the world of light, and how adjusting the brightness of an image has a huge impact not only on how it looks, but how your viewers will interact with and experience it. This photography class will talk about lighting, contrast, detail, the mood of your shots, and more!

Kirk Read

Image by Kirk Read

How Do I Use My Camera? – Part II ($127): In this follow-up to beginner photography class Part I, taught by JP Pullos, we’ll cover ISO, White Balance and some other important features on your camera. You’ll discover what it’s like to take beautiful photos in any lighting environment.

Have you had the experience of your camera operating differently when you’re outside during the day or indoors around artificial light? Ever end up with orange-looking, blurry photos? Have no fear – we promise your camera is not broken! This NYC photography class will get to the bottom of why this happens and give you powerful tools to fix it!

If you hate using your flash (and yes, we mean your on-camera flash), you’ll love using it after this two-hour photography class! You’ll learn how to balance the foreground and background of a shot so that it looks naturally lit (even though you know you used the flash). Never again will you need to worry about having your subject appear super bright with a pitch black background behind them. We’ll also teach you about white balance, and how adjusting that setting impacts the colors and tones in your images. Gone are the days of looking at a shot and wondering, “Why the heck does this scene look so orange!?”

We require that all students complete the Part I class before participating in the Part II class.

Lighting Walk  ($127): Lydia Billings, NYC photographer, will take all the knowledge you have from the Parts I and II classes and launch you into being creative with that knowledge. This NYC photography course is designed to develop your understanding and sensitivity to all of the lighting conditions you come across in your day-to-day photography from sunny to cloudy to shade to indoor to nighttime light. Of all of the teachers on our team, Lydia is the most skilled at teaching our students how to best take advantage of any and all lighting conditions. This photography class is the one where you’ll really start to establish a creative voice for yourself and your photography.

We require that all students complete the Part II class before participating in the Lighting Walk class.

Melody Rodriguez

Image by Melody Rodriguez

Nighttime / Long Exposures Photography  ($127): This New York photography class will allow you to discover how, at night, your camera (without using flash) can pick up on light that even the human eye can’t see. This photography class, taught by Lydia Billings and JP Pullos, is pure and simple fun.

We’ll use really long shutter speeds to allow light into the camera for an extended amount of time, allowing colors and motion to show up that your eye simply can’t see. You’ll shoot in Manual mode for two full hours, which will allow you to discover how Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO all play important roles in how your photos end up looking. This New York photography class will walk through Central Park, stopping at different locations along the way. Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain, and then we’ll end by playing with glow sticks and sparklers to do what’s called Light Painting (drawing shapes and light streaks in our shots). This photography class is less about instruction and more about the experience of creating some truly stunning images! Though there is minimal lecture in this New York photography class, you will learn in a hands-on way!


Private Photography Classes: Whether you take pictures for fun or for work or if you are looking for advanced or beginner photography classes in NYC, our one-on-one photography classes are the best way to learn! Each photography lesson is designed specifically based on what the student is interested in learning. We’ll send you a pre-lesson questionnaire, which allows us to prepare specifically for you and your camera questions. Nothing like a tailored learning experience! Weather permitting, photography lessons are taught outdoors. Click on the link to see more details about this class.

About the teaching method we apply in ALL of our New York photography classes:

We offer a teaching style different from any other classes in the world. Our teachers use an approach that requires no memorization, but relies on students using their eyes instead of their memory. In fact, memorizing in our classes actually gets in the way of students retaining what they’ve come for. Give the gears in your mind a break and you’ll discover that being present with your camera in our classes and out in the world will allow you to use it much more intuitively, without needing to recall specific settings or numbers from class.

Our NYC photography classes give you a simple, intuitive approach for every photo you take, which will have you very quickly creating a feedback loop between your eyes and how your photos are turning out, rather than trying to remember which settings you used the last time.

Mikaela Conley

Image by Mikaela Conley