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If you’ve taken our Nighttime Photography class, you know that shooting at night can produce some seriously breathtaking results. But…how do photographers do it? What’s the secret recipe for images like this:


First, BUY A TRIPOD!! We know it sounds simple to hold your camera still at night, but we promise, it’s nearly impossible. Stabilize your camera on a tripod or another steady surface – don’t hold it with your hands. Since you’ll be using long exposures (long shutter speeds), your movement will show up as blur in the shots.

Once your camera is situated on the tripod, switch to manual mode and start to adjust the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and/or ISO settings. These three are the ones to master and pay attention to for nighttime shots.

It really doesn’t get more complicated than that.

Continue to experiment with the amount of light entering the camera by playing with these three settings. Open up the aperture, or slow down the shutter speed. Notice that you can manipulate your photos to replicate daylight. The camera can capture things you’ll never be able to see with the naked eye – so get creative!


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