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Hey photographers! I don’t know about you, but my winter gear has officially come out of storage now that the temperatures have dropped. We take measures to protect ourselves against harsher weather conditions by bundling up in warm coats, scarves, hats, gloves, and boots, but what about when it comes to our cameras? It is absolutely imperative that we take care of them in all environments in order to keep them functioning perfectly for as long as possible. Here is a list of weather-proof photography gear you might want to consider using:
  1. Waterproof bag/backpack– The last thing you want to worry about is having your camera and lenses tucked away in a bag that can’t handle the rain and snow. A weatherproof backpack or messenger bag is essential when transporting your equipment outdoors, so be sure to invest in one that will get the job done! ONA is one of many awesome brands, which offers a wide variety of gorgeous leather and premium-waxed canvas bags that provides full protection.
  2. All-weather camera covers– After you remove equipment from your bag, you are now tasked with making sure your actual camera and lens are protected from harsh temperatures and precipitation. A camera cover is your solution. Ruggard is a brand worth checking out because their products are very inexpensive but get the job done, ensuring complete protection and access to all DSLR controls.
  3. Photographer’s gloves– You can’t take the best photos if your hands and fingers are numb from the cold! Photographer’s gloves are a smart purchase in the wintertime, so consider checking out a pair from AquaTech. These gloves allow you to flip back the thumb and forefinger tips so you can work buttons and screens on your camera. They are also waterproof, insulated, and provide a secure grip on all equipment.
  4. Extra batteries– In cold weather, battery performance can become sluggish. To avoid a ruined shoot, always pack spares and keep them stored in a warm space– even in your inner jacket pockets– to preserve their performance for as long as possible.
  5. Waterproof and coldproof memory cards and cases– I think my worst nightmare would be completing a successful shoot and then realizing the weather ruined my memory card! Find cards that can stand up to all types of conditions, and get a case that can also properly protect them. Samsung offers products that can do just this!
  6. Tripod leg warmers– Weather can also affect a tripod if you’re working with one, so investing in tripod leg warmers will not only protect the actual gear, but you as well. AquaTech, which was previously mentioned, also makes this type of product. The fabric used offers abrasion resistance and will not hold perspiration or water, which can irritate skin when you hold the tripod.
  7. Lens cloths– Your lens can fall victim to things like moisture, dust, and dirt, and cleaning it with the wrong material can severely damage the surface. Lens cloths are a must when shooting outdoors (but are actually always necessary!). Be sure to have a couple of these tucked away in your camera bag at all times.
Happy shooting!
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