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Hey Photographer! Lydia here,

We know many of you are simply into photography for the fun of it – as a hobby. But we’ve been hearing that some of our students are interested in starting their own photography business or starting to charge a little money to take pictures. Below we share some thoughts on how to dive into the deep end!

  • Photograph ALL your friends. We mean as many people as you can get! Let your friends and family know that you’re building a portfolio so you can start charging for your photos. Make sure they’re not expecting professional-level shots out of it, since this really is just a way for you to practice your craft. Any great shots that come out of these practice sessions will be icing on the cake!
  • Create an Instagram page for your photos. Try to put yourself and your shots into a category or niche. Do you want to photograph people, travel shots, landscapes, events, weddings? Start an Instagram account and follow other accounts in that category. Share your work and ask for feedback from the photography community!
  • Similar to the point above, join our Student Facebook Group! It’s an awesome place to share your progress in a more private and generous setting. Everyone in the group is a former student of ours and is learning right alongside you!
  • Volunteer your time. Contact local non-profits and organizations that you care about and let them know you’re available for pro-bono work. Organizations often throw events and galas that they need photographed, and they’re sometimes on a budget. They’ll be happy for the help!

These are just a few thoughts and ideas from our team. For those of you who are already charging for your photos, let us know how you make it work! How have you found success so far?

As always, feel free to email us your photos for feedback: info@jpteachesphoto.com

Happy Shooting!

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