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Hey Photographer! Last week we talked about Lightroom, a photo processing/editing application that makes it easier to organize and manipulate your photos to your desired result. I’m always looking for ways to make editing quicker/more efficient so I can spend the majority of my time shooting, and using presets is a great way to do this.
So, what are presets, you ask? Presets are pre-adjusted settings made to an image that you can paste onto other photos to provide consistency among a collection. These adjustments lend a specific feel to the pictures, whether it be punchy and colorful, muted and vintage, dark and contrasty, and so on. You can create your own presets in Lightroom by saving the adjustments you made to a particular image (minus the exposure and white balance, which can be slightly different for each photo) and then applying them to the rest of the gallery, or you can download and/or purchase presets that other photographers have created. If you choose to do the latter, below are some awesome websites that include free presets as well as ones available for purchase:

Happy shooting!
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