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Hey all. My name is Ketrina but most everyone calls me Trina or Treen.

I was first introduced to proper photography as a mass communications major forever ago. Then after college, I gradually abandoned all I had learned in favor of the Auto setting on a string of now-defunct point-and-shoot cameras. Then years later, I succumbed to the siren song of smartphone photography.

I’m originally from Mississippi and I’ve lived in the NYC area since 1998. I worked for almost 25 years in print news as a copy editor, page designer and art director, where a significant part of my job was making decisions about composition and crop in using photos to illustrate stories.

About a year ago, I left my job at The Wall Street Journal — where I’d been for 19 years — to transition into a new, more-creative career direction.

I’ve spent much of the past year planning travel for myself and taking trips; I recently returned from a month in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Additionally, I’m part of a small group of moderators for a Facebook travel group of about 390,000 people.

My top three activities when traveling: Trying new food, visiting museums/seeing art, taking photographs.

I pack light so my photos are my souvenirs.

And, of course, nearly all of these photos are taken with smartphones. Oh, the ease of use! The convenience! Upload RIGHT NOW to Instagram!

But darnit, the colors are almost always wrong. That’s supposed to be blue, not magenta. Pink, not orange! That image doesn’t even look like real life!

So recently, ahead of a trip, I invested in a new camera and started fiddling with the buttons and knobs, realizing sadly how little I’d retained from college.

And that is what brought me, fortuitously, to JP Teaches Photo, wanting to break out of the prison of Auto shooting mode.

I love Lydia’s and JP’s approach to teaching, how they present information in a way that really sinks in and can instantly be practiced, replicated and — fingers crossed — perfected.

I’m thrilled to be starting my Internship with them! My hope is that not only will I become an all-around better photographer but also that the knowledge I gain from this experience will contribute to this new chapter of redefining and reinventing myself.

Happy Shooting!

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