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Group of friends take a selfie with a selfie stick

If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie of a large group, you know that it’s not an easy task. No matter how many times you try to get everyone in the photo. Someone always ends up getting only half of his or her face in the picture.This is where learning how to use a selfie stick comes into play.

This new device is one of the biggest technological trends to come around in the past two years. The selfie stick takes self portraits and group portraits to the next level. Therefore, it’s crucial to master how to use a selfie stick.

First, you need to find a selfie stick! Mass retailers like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond carry them, but if you want to go straight to the source, give Selfie on a Stick a visit. Here, you can find selfie sticks in a variety of different colors – from blue and pink to even a glow in the dark version. You can also decide if you’d rather own a selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote or simply the original selfie stick that relies on a self-timer.

If you decide to go with the selfie stick sans Bluetooth connection, then using it is very simple.
1. Insert your phone into the clamp with the screen side facing you so you can properly see what you’re taking a photo of
2. Extend the stick to the appropriate length (it can reach up to 42 inches!)
3. Set a timer on your phone – apps like GorillaCam and TimerCam allow you to set a timer
4. Then snap your photo!

Does searching for a self-timer phone app sound like too much trouble? Consider purchasing one of the selfie sticks that comes with a handy remote instead. With these, all you do is set the remote up to your phone via a Bluetooth connection.

Now that you know how to work a selfie stick, it’s time to start deciding what all you want to shoot with your new gadget.

There’s the obvious single selfie or group selfie, but using a selfie stick can also allow you to take shots that would otherwise be difficult to shoot with your arms. Despite the fact that some places are working hard to ban selfie sticks, that are still many venues that allow them, namely concert venues.

If you plan on attending a concert and want to get up close and personal to the action, using a selfie stick is a good way to do so. But for the sake of the other audience members, try not to be “that guy.” Limit yourself to a couple shots instead of keeping the selfie stick up the entire time, and if it’s possible to stand off to the side away from most of the crowd, it might be better to do that.

Another interesting way to get the most out of your selfie stick is to get creative with your selfies. Think about it: you can now capture so much more with a selfie stick. Forgo the selfies in front of plain walls and capture yourself in front of beautiful scenery like the ocean, a mountain or a monumental building.

So if you’re what your friends call a “selfie-aholic,” you may want to consider investing in this trendy device now that you understand how to use the selfie stick.

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