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Hey Photographer!

We’re trying something new here at JP Teaches Photo. Periodically, over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to be sharing perspectives and stories from some of our favorite photo-industry friends. They’re eager to share their perspectives and images with you, and we’re starting NOW!

This week, please welcome Chellise & Michael of Chellise Michael Photography. They’re a married couple who photograph weddings right at home here in Brooklyn and all over the world. Three years ago they created a photographer’s retreat called Camp Go Away.

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Autumn Adams

We founded Camp Go Away because no one else was offering what we wanted out of a photo workshop. We envisioned a place to come together with other videographers/photographers to reconnect with our cameras for personal use and to have the time and freedom to experiment with the unknown. We also wanted to express the strength in the community we are witness to in New York and throughout the East Coast. Sometimes it can be a lonely existence as a freelancer and we just wanted to get the hell out of town and have fun with a small group of like-minded people in a supportive environment. The only options that we could find that seemed inviting were far away, a few thousand dollars, and had exhausting timelines.

Mike Busse

So in 2014, Mike and I created Camp Go Away, a project based – east coast gathering for photographers and videographers of all levels and types that gives us time to hit the reset button and remember why we picked up our cameras in the first place. Which to me personally, is curiosity itself.


Camp Go Away has become a place to come and create for personal purpose. To try a new technique, to experiment and develop film, or to create something out of our normal, day to day grind. We give people the opportunity to try new things and supply them with the right people to help them achieve it. Our Counselors include a lighting specialist, hands on film developing teacher, a creative visionary coach, post production + critique helpers, and an editorial make up artist on hand. Everyone creates images for themselves, using other Campers or Counselors as models and at the end of it all, we create a large print of every Campers final project and celebrate their hard work with a gallery show on the last day. The vibe is easy-going and everyone works at their own pace. Since we all share a big old house together, space is limited to 25-30 Campers and Counselors each year.

Lev Kuperman

Included is a small handful of final photo projects from our 2016 CGA Campers. The best way to know when the next Camp Go Away is happening is by following along on Instagram and by filling out an application to get on the list for our pre-sale email announcement. (We typically sell out within one week!)


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Rebecca Frey


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