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Hey Photographer!

Cathy here with some info on how to turn your beautiful images into gifts!

Your friends and family are so lucky! You have an eye for great photography. You’ve learned how to use your camera. Is there a better gift than showing them some love with a great photo? They will think of you way after the shot has been taken and the gift has been given. Many sites can put your shots on some pretty cool items: mugs, blankets, a canvas print, etc… My favorite has been the calendar. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Select seasonal photos that you have taken throughout the year and every month they will have on their wall a special memory to admire.  

Got a friend that’s moving and is absolutely in love with Paris? Make her a large canvas print of your favorite pic of the Eiffel Tower. It’s difficult to find the right artwork or photo for a space in a home. You know your friend well and can surprise them with a photo that they love.

Friends with babies or children (or even pets) are easy. They love any photo with or of their kids, and the right one isn’t that easy to capture without an eye for a great photo. Take their little ones for a walk in the park or to the playground. Bring your camera with you and make a nice collage for their birthday.

Do you have an upcoming wedding or family celebration? Bring your camera to a friend’s important day. Take some candid shots of the guests and family. You may have a perspective that the hired photographer doesn’t have. Just make sure not to be in his or her way as you’re taking photos. They’ve probably paid a lot of money for those traditional shots but sometimes the candids can make a fun album.

Do you have a friend, sister or close female cousin that is pregnant? Or perhaps a friend that just got engaged? Any moment in time can be special enough for a photo gift if you have the right eye and add your love to the pic.

Single friends on dating sites are always in search for that special profile pic. Even the right photo for LinkedIn can help a friend nail a perfect job, and they’ll be grateful once they do!

It takes time and heart to give the gift of photography, and it’s so much more meaningful than a gift card. Not everyone has the talent, the photographer’s eye, to capture a significant moment or event in a special photo. But you do. There are so many ways that you can share the talent that you have. Sometimes the right photo can make for a priceless gift!

Happy Shooting!

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