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Hey photographer! During my first few months of shooting, I didn’t own a camera bag. I carried my equipment around in an old cosmetic case that just happened to be big enough for my camera and one lens (I wouldn’t advise this)! While it got the job done, I soon realized the importance of owning a true camera bag that could offer legitimate protection. Since purchasing one, I haven’t looked back! Traveling to shoots–or even taking my camera out for a casual afternoon– is SO much easier now that I have the proper gear. Whether you’re looking for your first bag or interested in upgrading from your current one, here are some of our favorite camera bag brands:
  1. ONA– We. Love. ONA! These bags are made of gorgeous leather and boast brass hardware. While they are more of an investment, they will hold up for years (as long as they are cared for properly!) and allow you to transport your camera and lenses in style.
  2. Vinta– This is the brand I own! Like ONA, Vinta bags are stylish, and they also possess a modern feel that provides extra protection (the camera compartment opens from the back of the bag, so when you wear it, it’s nearly impossible for someone else to open it– great for city travel!). I’ve traveled to several shoots with this bag and find it to be very comfortable. I can also carry my laptop with me!
  3. LoweproLowepro has awesome, quality bags that won’t break your bank account. Their website has a bagfinder tool to help you select the bag that best fits your specific needs, making your shopping experience super efficient. 
  4. Tenba– This brand is great for photographers who love the outdoors and need topnotch protection for their equipment. Whether you need a backpack, messenger bag, rolling gear, etc, you’ll find countless options at Tenba.
Happy shooting!
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