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Hey Photographer! Lydia Here.

Have you heard of ManhattanHenge? It’s a cosmic phenomenon that occurs when the sun sets directly in line with Manhattan’s street grid, and people LOVE to photograph it.

Two days of the year, each summer, this phenomenon occurs, and TODAY is the first one for this year!

If you’re in Manhattan, grab your friends and head out the enjoy the view before sunset. The sun will completely set at 8:20pm, so we’d recommend getting a good viewing spot by at least 7:45pm.

Image by 25 Travel Stories

It can be tricky to photograph this type of lighting, especially with a phone camera. If you’ve got a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera, bring that with you. A tripod will also do wonders for you! Keep the ISO relatively low, like 200-400 to minimize image grain. Shoot this type of shot in Manual mode, which will give you full control over your exposure level. Adjust Aperture & Shutter Speed to your desired settings. Start testing around 8pm! The sun will move quickly, so get your settings locked in before all the magic happens. You don’t want to miss the shot!

Send us your favorite ManhattanHenge shots! We might even feature them on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Happy Shooting!

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