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As summer comes to a close and we start preparing for cooler months, we invite you to spend a little time enjoying the colors, smells, and feelings of autumn. If you’re in NYC, take a leisurely walk through Central Park or on the Highline. If you live outside the city or even in another country, show us some shots of your favorite outdoor locations! The colors this time of year are breathtaking – total eye candy for you and your camera.


Practice shifting the perspective from which you shoot. Always taking photos from eye-level can get pretty repetitive. Crouch down low and point your camera up toward the sky. Stand on top of a bench or rock to point the camera down toward the ground. Photograph through windows, and incorporate water reflections in your shots.

Mastering the brightness, or exposure level of your photos is what will make the best of those colors. Adjust the exposure compensation on your camera (find out where that is in your manual) to allow more or less light into the camera. You’ll start to notice distinct differences in the clarity of objects, and in the saturation of colors.


Be sure to also pay attention to the direction of light! Where the light is coming from will completely alter the way your subjects appear. Photograph leaves with light shining from behind. Move around the subject and find the most interesting or dynamic lighting angle. The sun is your friend! Get used to how sunlight falls on objects and can really highlight textures.

As always,

Happy Shooting!

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