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Hey Photographer! Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking for fun and/or romantic places to visit in NYC for the holiday, we’ve got a few spots in mind. Each place is great for picture-taking, so don’t forget to bring your camera along so you can capture some memorable moments.
  1. La Lanterna di Vittorio– This restaurant oozes romance, particularly because of the atmosphere and decor. The Garden is a beautiful room located in the back, open year-round, which boasts exposed brick, a glass ceiling, greenery, and colorful lanterns. Turn up your camera’s ISO and have fun with angles in this cozy, dimly-lit space.
  2. The Cloisters– Located quite a ways uptown, right below Inwood, The Cloisters is a museum (a branch of The Met) overlooking the Hudson River. Here, you can photograph the beauty of its medieval European architecture and artwork with your sweetheart.
  3. The Campbell Apartment– You’ll find this classic, restored bar, apartment, and lounge settled within Grand Central Terminal right off 43rd street. Jazz Age financier, John W. Campbell, previously used the space as his private office and reception hall back in the 1920’s, and now you can enjoy cocktails and bar fare among rich, bold colors and textures including brass, wood, and leather. Play around with a lower aperture number (lens is wide open) to capture these textures in great detail.
  4. Washington Mews– A private, gated alley tucked away a block above Washington Square Park, Washington Mews is a quaint, cobblestone strip comprised of two-story carriage houses. If you can’t physically get into the alley, position your partner in front of the gate so you can still catch the street in the background. It’s a true NYC gem!
  5. Cobble Hill or Boerum Hill in Brooklyn– These small, quiet, and charming neighborhoods in Brooklyn are great backdrops for romantic photos. Hip coffee shops, boutiques, and brownstones line the streets and feel like a warm hug! Explore the area and discover what kind of story you can create with your Valentine.
Happy shooting!
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